Time to sell your current aircraft? Here’s one good reason to consider calling us:

Achieving Maximum Return on Investment.

When you’re ready to sell your aircraft, you want to work with a team who will treat the sale of your aircraft as a personal mission, as if it was the only aircraft they have for sale, and who will do all they can to ensure that you receive the maximum value from your asset.

That’s exactly what we do.

Our 33 years of aircraft sales experience coupled with 22 years of online aviation marketing, has given us the skills to develop & perfect a unique way of preparing, presenting, marketing, and negotiating the sale of your aircraft in the global market.

From our initial discussions with you, to the final hand-over to the buyer, we do all we can to ensure that your aircraft is presented in the most professional manner possible, resulting in a higher market value and a quicker sale.

How do we do this?

Establishing the Goal
Our initial discussions with you will determine your goals for the sale, and the required timeline for achieving them. Then we get to work.
We conduct a meticulous examination of your aircraft and all its specifications, and create professional marketing materials & imagery that represent the full value that your aircraft offers to a purchaser. Miss just one item of value in a corporate aircraft, and you could be selling yourself short by $40,000 – $80,000. We don’t let that happen.

Market Positioning
With your aircraft specifications and maintenance status clearly defined, we lock down a true and realistic market value for the machine with you. Often, because of our complete evaluation of both the aircraft and the market, this figure is higher than what you may have thought you could obtain.

Marketing Your Aircraft
We listed our first aircraft for sale on our aviation websites in South Africa back in 1995. Fast forward 22 years, now 90% of all aircraft purchase research is conducted online, and with our decades of online marketing experience we know exactly where & how to focus our marketing efforts to reach those buyers.
Our global online marketing campaign has no geographical boundaries and none of the time limits of print media, and we use all avenues to find the right buyer for your machine. Your aircraft is not only featured on our own website, but is also typically listed on numerous national & international aircraft sales websites in the USA, Europe and elsewhere around the globe.
In addition, because an estimated 80% of corporate aircraft sales are conducted via a secondary broker (they have the buyer and we have the seller, or vice versa), we will selectively distribute your aircraft specifications to our exclusive list of handpicked broker associates worldwide. This is a vital step sometimes avoided by brokers who try to “keep it all to themselves”, often to the detriment of the client.
(In some instances, seller participation may be required for marketing expenses.)

Buyer Qualification
The importance of careful buyer qualification cannot be overemphasized. Our past experience with hundreds of potential buyers worldwide means that we understand the importance of taking that 1:00am call from a prospect in Australia or that 4:00am text from a broker in Switzerland. We know how to carefully qualify prospective buyers and determine who is genuine and who is not. In today’s digital world, we hear of more & more instances of global fraudsters trying to take advantage of unsuspecting private aircraft buyers or sellers. Our experience gives you the protective shield that you need, to stay out of trouble, and our discussions with many potential buyers for your aircraft will typically result in a final, carefully selected list, of genuine prospects.

The Art of Negotiation
With a qualified buyer in hand, we will negotiate a written offer for your aircraft, on terms that we feel will be acceptable to both you and the buyer. Our forte here is in bringing buyer & seller together in order to achieve a sale that works for both parties, and which protects your financial and legal interests in the transaction. Working with your pilot or flight department, we can also stage & manage demonstration flights and ensure that related costs are both limited and apportioned appropriately. (With smaller aircraft demonstration flight costs can be negligible, but for larger aircraft the prospective buyer will usually be responsible for the direct operating expenses of any demonstration flight, including pilot fees, fuel, oil, landing fees, and insurance.)

Pre-Purchase Inspection
Unlike some other sellers or brokers, we insist that any purchaser conducts a pre-purchase inspection on your aircraft prior to finalizing a sale. This fundamental step helps protect you as the seller from after-sale comebacks, whilst also assuring the purchaser of the status & condition of the aircraft they are purchasing. It’s a win-win for both parties, and any sale conducted without this vital step is simply a disaster waiting to happen. Our team is usually on site during this process, protecting your interests and guaranteeing that the inspection is done by properly certified maintenance engineers in a fair & honest manner, and with full disclosure of the final report.

Closing & Delivery
Just as in real estate closings, things can go wrong at the close if the required paperwork is not prepared correctly and if all parties are not fully advised of their responsibilities for the closing.
Our services include complete oversight of the entire ownership transfer process, including national & foreign registration changes and the final disbursement of funds via our independent third party title insurance company. We can also assist with any final delivery arrangements required by the purchaser, including the appointment of a professional ferry company to carry out an international delivery. A smooth closing and delivery event is our ultimate objective.

When it’s all over, our biggest reward is having a satisfied seller who has the assurance that their aircraft was presented in a professional manner, sold for maximum value, and the sale concluded smoothly.

If you are considering the sale of your aircraft, please contact us for a no-obligation and confidential discussion about your requirements.

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