You’ve decided you need an aircraft, for personal or business use.

Excellent! Now what?

That’s where we come in.

The purchase of an aircraft, particularly a corporate turboprop or jet aircraft, can be intimidating. It is a complex process which requires a thorough knowledge of the subject in order to reach your objective unscathed.
Using the knowledge we have gained over the past three decades in the business of aircraft sales, we will assist you through these logical steps towards aircraft ownership ~

First & foremost – it’s vital that we fully understand your requirements, and that we can translate those expectations into market reality, both in terms of cost and availability. If required we will help you define your primary transport needs, and can offer guidance on ownership & operating costs, performance requirements, operating budgets, and consideration of available financing & tax options. With an aircraft model selected, we research the market and determine a realistic expected purchase cost, and set an agreed purchase budget.
This initial market research will also confirm whether or not we’ll actually be able to find an aircraft to satisfy your mission requirements and your finances. If we don’t think that’s possible, then it’s back to the drawing board to work on other aircraft, purchase and/or financing options. For example perhaps a lease or a lease-option would be a better fit for an initial period. There is usually more than one way to accomplish the goal.

Speed + Due Diligence = Win Win For Buyer & Seller
When a committed seller places their aircraft onto the market, in many cases they are looking for a speedy, clean sale to a buyer who knows what they are looking for and who has a plan of action to make that happen. If we as the buyer can satisfy those needs of the seller, we also benefit tremendously in terms of time and money, and it’s a genuine win-win for both parties.
So with our initial market research completed and a plan in place to buy an aircraft that will satisfy your flight mission and your budget, now we want to be able to act quickly and decisively when the right candidate aircraft comes onto the market. This requires two key resources to be lined up in advance of our search:

– 1: have a refundable deposit and purchase financing pre-arranged, and
– 2: have the human resources (example: us as your broker, plus any required maintenance engineers) ready to swing into action immediately when our initial offer is accepted by the seller.
As your acquisition broker, we show you exactly how to make both of those things happen.

The Search
A local, national or even worldwide search for the right aircraft follows, with the drawing up of a short list of potential aircraft to consider and in-depth research on the primary aircraft. If we’re happy with what we see, we work with you to draw up a customized Purchase Offer Agreement which offers real financial value and the ability to conduct a pre-purchase inspection prior to purchase.

With an offer accepted, the pace picks up considerably. Required Escrow/Trust Accounts are set up for the protective transfer of funds and a refundable deposit is usually lodged into the escrow account within 2-3 business days. But the next step is one of the most crucial.

Trust But Verify: The Pre-Purchase Inspection
We schedule the vital pre-purchase inspection, usually within 10 business days of the offer being accepted, at a maintenance facility which we designate with you and which is experienced in the particular aircraft being purchased. Our personal oversight of this vital step results in a comprehensive ‘complete picture’ report for us study with you, often including National and/or Foreign Title & Financial Lein searches.

After the pre-purchase, we work with you and the seller to renegotiate any required issues, and draw up necessary amendments to the Purchase Agreement with the goal of maintaining the goodwill between buyer & seller, and securing the purchase. This is where we excel, and we have seen many a purchase or sale by competitors fall through at this key stage due to misunderstandings or heavy-handed disputes which could have been avoided by having a skilled negotiator on your side.

Closing & Delivery
After securing the final Purchase Agreement Amendments, we will manage any outstanding maintenance or upgrades which may be required before delivery. Transfer of ownership, re-registration, and final delivery arrangements, including local or international ferry flights, or dismantling & shipping of the aircraft by sea, are all part of the service we provide.

That Feel-Good-After-Purchase Feeling
If there’s anything that we want our clients to feel when it’s all over, it’s the confidence that one gets from having made a qualified purchase at great value, with complete knowledge of all the factors involved. That’s the synergy you achieve, by working with us.

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